Saturday, 24 December 2016

Laying tracks

For the first time in 55 plus years tram (light rail) tracks run along George Street in front of the Sydney Town Hall where once a thriving tram system operated until 1963. The small section, laid in recent days, is part of the South Eastern Light Rail line which is scheduled to commence operations in 2019; just ahead of the next State election (no surprise there).

This short film shows trams in George Street in 1906; one hundred and ten years ago.

The new tracks have been laid just ahead of the section where the above film concludes.

Some photos taken this morning;


  1. I don't think I have seen that video before. The camera must be bolted to the roof of the tram. Goodness, what risks people took back then. It is wonder many more people weren't collected by trams. At least they are paying attention and not looking down at their phones.

    I am given to understand from armchair experts, that the light rail is massively over engineered. There is also doubt that that the wireless section will stand up to heavy flooding of where the trams pick up power from underground. Interesting to see the laying of the tracks begin, thanks.

    1. You probably know that a recent Parliamentary Audit revealed massive unstated increases in the costs of construction and other unrevealed problems that I can't recall.