Monday, 19 December 2016


Tonight, 45.72%, 10/10
Those who have told me they don't like these Bridge postings will be happy to learn that is this last one for an indefinite period. Gosia, in particular, might be pleased.

I have decided to take an open ended break from the game. The late nights are clashing with my daytime commitments and this is the main reason for my decision. A secondary consideration is that we, my Bridge partner and I, have been performing poorly for ages with ongoing results that are disheartening.

Next Wednesday was to have been my last night but my partner informed me tonight she was unavailable for medical reasons. Unfortunately that sees us bow out tonight with a last placing; a result that has been ours uncomfortably often of late.


  1. I prefer your film posts merry Christmas from Poland

    1. Good, a reason for me to keep going to the movies!