Monday, 26 December 2016

And, they're off....

The annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race always provides a spectacular sight with its start and early moments played out on Sydney Harbour and through the Heads into the Tasman Sea.

I am lucky to have a view of the start from my apartment, albeit from a long way behind the starting line with the fleet sailing further away from my location.

Some photos from today's start;

Sixty yachts tacking for position ahead of the start
The starter's gun fires and they're off
The maxi yachts surge to the lead
Before the start 10 helicopters buzz overhead like mosquitos


  1. Terrific views! Photos of Sydney remind me a lot of San Francisco. I've never been to Oz, though. Maybe one day!

    1. There are many similarities between Sydney and San Francisco wcs. We have long considered ourselves to be 'sister' cities.