Friday, 4 November 2016

The Girl on the Train

A woman travelling to and from work by train every day fantasises about the lives of residents in the houses she passes. When she observes what looks to be an abduction and possible murder she sets out to discover what happened but her recollections appear unreliable, even self incriminatory.

If, like me, you read the book on which 'The Girl on the Train' is based before seeing the film then any element of surprise about the explanations for what transpires is gone. What is left is a rather grey, dour movie minus much of the personal detail about the lives of the main protagonists. Emily Blunt doesn't really match the book's description of Rachel, the principal character, but despite that disadvantage makes a fair attempt at the character reinforcing my favourable impressions of her acting capacity.



  1. I love Emily Blunt. Am trying to convince Nathan to go and see this movie with me. He doesn't like the genre.