Thursday, 20 October 2016

Mr Blogger and Mr Apple - Please get together

I'm having great difficulty downloading photos or images into blog posts. I suspect it has something to do with macOS Sierra, the latest operating system for Mac Books, which I downloaded on my return from overseas this week.

I am mightily pissed off having wasted considerable time today trying to get back into blogging for no benefit.

If anyone from or from Apple notices this complaint would you please provide help or better still fix the frigging problem.

Any readers who can help are welcome to provide comment or advice to this post.

In the meantime consider me off the air from Blogger until further notice. Friends can find me on Facebook.


  1. Aaack! I'm no help, as I'm not an Apple user. Just wanted to commiserate.

  2. I empathise. I can't access blogger using my version of Safari anymore and must use Chrome instead. I need to update my Mac.

    1. Hope yours gets sorted like mine seems to have done, AdRad