Saturday, 10 September 2016

Don't Breathe

Three youths who spend their time breaking into and robbing houses they learn about from a rogue security company worker decide to target the home of vision impaired returned war veteran who is believed to be hoarding a fortune in compensation money. Thinking that the break in should be a formality the three find fierce resistance.

On the face of it, the general plot of 'Don't Breathe' sounds suspiciously similar to the 1967 hit 'Wait Until Dark' in which Audrey Hepburn was the blind victim.

What starts out as a pedestrian by-the-numbers thriller takes several unexpected turns - and aren't they best type of turns for a thriller? - to rise above the mundane.

I'm probably quibbling by suggesting that the blind veteran is perhaps a little too adept at re-securing his house in the face of repeated assaults and that Dylan Minnette displays an impressively wide range of surprised and shocked looks.

The violence level by the end was higher than I would prefer but for thriller/horror aficionados this one is better than the average.


  1. I like the genre but am too chicken scared to watch these kinds of movies. I end up reading the plot online instead!

    1. I don't think this one is all that frightening to be honest but a couple of twists are well concealed.