Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Barefoot in the Park

Ensemble Theatre

Neil Simon's play 'Barefoot in the Park' is fifty-seven years old. It depicts a young married couple setting up their first home in a tiny, walk up, New York apartment only days into their marriage. The wife's mother and an eccentric free loading Lothario of a neighbour complete the major characters.

It is very much a comedy of its time and I doubt it could sensibly be staged in a 21st Century setting without a complete reconstruction. This production keeps to its time. That's a brave thing as dated comedy can die an embarrassing death. The company and the performers are rewarded for their bravery in this Ensemble Theatre production by delivering an entertaining rendition of the work.

It won't have hurt that most of the audience at the performance we attended were of an age to remember our own experience of the times.


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