Monday, 1 August 2016

The Hanging

'The Hanging' is a 75 minutes long, one act play by Angela Betzien; her first work to be staged by the Sydney Theatre Company.

In a theme reminiscent of Picnic at Hanging Rock, three schoolgirls go missing in the bush. Two days after their disappearance is notified one girl is found and the play revolves around the ensuing police interview of her and her nominated school teacher as the adult observer.

I saw this play at the end of a long tiring day and I suspect I dosed off momentarily at several points because there are a couple of gaps in my understanding of the events. If so, that is a pity because the play seems extremely well written and the acting of the three performers is excellent. The play is also well staged with clever, non intrusive, use of audio visual techniques.

I wish I had been more alert.


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