Sunday, 28 August 2016


A doctor moves into an enormous high rise apartment block, designed to provide all the bells and whistles of modern western life, but within three months he and his fellow residents have disintegrated into a lawless, violent, self interested, sex-obsessed rabble.

As an aside I would hope this is not the fate for a certain High Riser I know.

The movie 'High-Rise' is a savage satire and critique on western capitalism. It reminds me of similar metaphorical films from the 1970s, some of them out of Italy. I can imagine the tale being told in a whimsical way by a Jacques Tati, for example, but there is nothing whimsical about this film.

It is not really my type of film but I would bet it will appear in some critics' 'best films of all times' list in the future.



  1. I think Tati could have made a fine and biting film on modern high rise apartments.

    1. And it would have been more entertaining than this one, Andrew.