Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Legend of Tarzan

Who knows how many films have been made about the mythical Tarzan, the son of an English aristocrat, brought up in the African jungle by Apes? I don't.

In 'The Legend of Tarzan' our hero is lured back to Africa to investigate corrupt behaviour by mining interests not knowing that his capture is the bargaining tool for those behind the corrupt activity. The plot also includes flashbacks to explain Tarzan's childhood and that of his wife Jane whose childhood was also spent in Africa.

Alexander Skarsgard makes for a handsome if somewhat reticent and uninteresting hero whilst Australian Margot Robbie as Jane is enchanting in yet another movie. The camera just loves her.

The best feature of the film are the images and camerawork which are captivating.



  1. Based on what I read about Skarsgard's physique, I assume that Tarzan's six pack is worth at least one of those three stars.

  2. Yes, if that's your thing!