Saturday, 30 July 2016

The farm and an oriental touch

This morning was spent at The Farm Byron Bay which is a'working farm' turned into a leisure enterprise with retail and food/cafe outlets.

There were plenty of families about as well as obviously locals identifiable (if I may comment so) by their mode of fashionable attire (trendy shorts, casually draped tops, and up market sandals) and sun/wind touched yet curiously unblemished faces.

A couple of snaps.

Afterwards we shopped at the local mall for this evening's meal, the theme of which was decided as oriental in respect of our Beijing connections. The meal comprised Mongolian Lamb, Crispy Beef strips and Curried Prawns.

Dessert was a Panna Cotta which as dictated by Masterchef judges as a requirement did wobble impressively.


  1. This is about the sixth time I have looked at the wobbling breast. I can't understand why I would want to see it more than once.

    1. It is strangely endearing Andrew. We laughed and laughed at it, at the time.