Monday, 18 July 2016


I never saw the original all male team of 'Ghostbusters' made 32 years ago which was a big success and left in its trace a catchy theme tune.

This time around the all female team of 'Ghostbusters' take on the task with the same catchy theme in tow. I can't say much for the plot which is minimal and apparently almost irrelevant. There is lots of noise and the special effects are reasonably impressive if rather repetitive. Each of the four women has a moment or two to shine without any of them leaving much of an impression. It is left to Chris Hemsworth to make the most of his participation in the gender stereotyping switch as a receptionist chosen for his looks rather than his skills (and his dance moves over the end credits).

Members of the original cast make cameo appearances for those with fond memories of the first movie.

Bland fun.


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