Saturday, 23 July 2016

Catching the High Riser

In Melbourne for a brief weekend visit I caught up with Andrew and his partner R for coffee (actually in my case, hot chocolate) at Riverland Bar and Cafe adjacent to Federation Square.

Riverland Bar and Cafe
The weather was rather cool although at that time sunny and thankfully not as dire as the forecast had promised. Hail had been a possibility.

I was on my way to see a performance of 'Funny Girl' just across the bridge visible in the photograph. It was, as always, a pleasure spending time with them.


  1. I didn't see you take the photo. Can you imagine Riverland on a warm summer evening, or just simply on a nice sunny day. As the younguns used to say, it really goes off on hot summer night and its New Year Eve effort is legendary.

    1. Also, the area where the drinks and food come from are old vaults for storage of fruit, vegetables and river sailing boats.