Saturday, 25 June 2016

Back At The Dojo

Belvoir Street Theatre

In 'Back At The Dojo' the playwright Lally Katz tells the story of how her father, after a misspent youth, met his future wife and her mother after he joined a karate club. The play tells the story in flashback with the present day set in a hospital where Katz's father sits vigil besides his comatose wife and their estranged transexual grand-daughter has come to visit.

Although a very personal tale - I'm not certain whether the transexual grand-daughter subtext is fictitious or also based on Katz's family history - I never really got into this play. The company performs the play well and the karate scenes with an actual Sensei leading the cast in karate moves are impressive. Unfortunately I didn't really develop an interest in any of the characters, apart from the Sensei herself.


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