Thursday, 26 May 2016


The brilliant annual event that is Vivid Sydney gets underway tomorrow night. This self styled light, music and ideas festival has grown into an event that is almost too large.

(Image: Daniel Boud)
The crowds around the Circular Quay area are so huge, especially late in the week an on weekends, that movement around the displays can be difficult. However, it is such a spectacular display that it is worth battling those crowds at least once in your life.

This year's festival has been extended to 23 days which may help diffuse the crowds; if ever so slightly.


  1. The promotion of Vivid here in Melbourne has been extreme, so I suspect they are all Victorians cluttering up your public spaces.

    1. They are welcome Andrew but I think plenty of home based traffic is there too. It is a spectacular display and I think Sydneysiders are very proud of it.

      Unfortunately the Festival has been hit by shocking periods of wet weather in the past. It is somewhat ironic that following Sydney's driest and warmest April and May perhaps ever that cold and rain have arrived in earnest in Vivid's second week this year.