Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Events

A lesbian Christian minister welcomes a stranger to join the choir she manages with unexpected consequences. The stranger is later connected with events of mass shootings and murders.

It seems to me that 'The Events' is more a 75 minutes long performance piece than a play. It features two actors; one of whom plays multiple roles, a pianist and a choir. In this staging, the choir varies at every performance. These are real choirs from various communities around Sydney. They contribute half a dozen or so songs - spiritual in nature - and, reading from a song book, a number of choristers deliver some lines of dialogue to interact with the two actors.

I imagine this makes for interesting variety at every performance for the two actors and pianists; variety that will go unnoticed by audience members apart from any who attend more than once.

An unusual concept, this somewhat muddled work has its moments.


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