Saturday, 28 May 2016

The changing look of Sydney

This is a small section of Sydney's Central Business District photographed in zoom from my apartment. The buildings in the middle with cranes on top appear to be in the CBD. In fact, they are under construction in the new precinct named Barangaroo which lies adjacent to the western boundary of the CBD. That precinct lies on land considerably lower in altitude than the CBD. The fact that the new buildings appear to match the tallest of the CBD buildings indicates just how huge are these new buildings. There are more to come.

The photograph below also appears to be of the CBD but it is in fact the suburbs of Kirribilli and North Sydney which are effectively now a CBD of their own. There is quite a bit of high rise residential accommodation amongst and a part of the officer towers.

The number of cranes indicates that this secondary CBD is thriving. The rather grand looking stone building overlooking the harbour just off centre at the bottom of the photograph is Admiralty House, the Sydney residence of the Governor-General who is Australia's Head of State when a certain Queen is not about.


  1. The queen will never be about again here. I've never been to North Sydney but I don't think there would be much there for me to enjoy. I think the Prime Minister's Sydney residence (why not one in Melbourne?) sits above Admiralty House. Our Governor lives at our Government House. Why does not yours live at your Government House?

    1. The PM's residence in Sydney is around the corner from the GGs. It was Premier Bob Carr who made the decision that NSW Governors would no longer reside at Government House which would henceforth only be used for ceremonial occasions. There was some controversy at the time but the matter never arises now apart from occasional bleats by the most loyal of Monarchists. Professor Flint are you reading this?

      As for why not a PM's residence in Melbourne. Surely you'd be disappointed if I didn't rise to the bait. The answer is self evident.