Saturday, 7 May 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins

'Florence Foster Jenkins' was an American socialite who supported the arts by establishing and financing a performance club. She was also an unknowing eccentric who yearned to perform on stage as a classical and operatic singer whilst being unaware that she had absolutely no vocal talent whatsoever. She was encouraged and protected in these endeavours by her devoted partner St Clair Bayfield.

This another of those films where the trailer suggest one thing - uproarious comedy - whilst the film itself is unreality something else - a gentle depiction of human devotion.

Certainly Meryl Streep draws laughter out of Foster Jenkins' excruciating vocalisations but the overarching message is one of an unusual love, strong devotion and mutual dependency between herself Bayfield (Hugh Grant).

The film presents colourful images of street life in 1940s New York.


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