Saturday, 9 April 2016

Where to Invade Next

In 'Where to Invade Next', the documentary filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to teach his fellow Americans some lessons about how the rest of the world, or at least some carefully chosen Northern Hemisphere countries, are doing so much better at life than they are.

Moore is a polarising filmmaker with admirers and detractors in possibly equal measure. This latest film continues his style of finding the arguments to prove his points without involving too many contrary examples that could disturb his case. Generally I am admirer notwithstanding the weaknesses in his style of journalism. Those who know already in which opinion silo they fit will have their view confirmed by this film.

Some of the scenes, for example, the rosy work conditions in Italy, are somewhat disingenuous but others, for example, education in Finland and crime and punishment in Norway are genuinely revealing. At least, I thought so.

Sitting in a plush multiplex in an avowedly left leaning inner west suburb of Sydney I was left with the uncomfortable thought that not only did Moore have no reason to include Australia as an exemplar but in fact on nearly every issue featured 21st Century Australia is need of the same lessons Moore is directing to his countrymen and women.


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