Saturday, 30 April 2016

Mother's Day

Here we go again. This fad for romantic comedies set around a holiday season or annual celebration. New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and now 'Mother's Day' all excuses for this formula driven unrelated series of films.

The template is identical. Create multiple plot lines, featuring photogenic characters and season with cheesy, happy endings, or at least heartwarming situations and with any luck audience members will identify with at least one of the set ups generating positive word of mouth and box office success.

The current outbreak was sparked by the world wide success of  'Love Actually' in 2003/04 with its ridiculous number of plot lines.

'Mother's Day' runs for 118 minutes and contains precisely two funny scenes, one of which relies on a cute baby to inspire its humour. The remainder of the film, some 110 minutes is deeply unfunny and pretty unromantic too. The blooper outtakes over the end credits are the best moments of the film.

A formula, already very tired, plummets new depths.

★ 1/2


  1. Many have tried to duplicate the Love Actually formula without success. I immediately thought this was going to be yet another one of those movies. And as much as I like Julia Roberts, I think I will wait for this one to appear on tv (though, judging by your rating, it might not be worth watching at all).

    1. Free to aire I suggest, AdRad, don't pay for it like I did.