Thursday, 14 April 2016

King Charles III

(Sydney Theatre Company)

When I included King Charles III in my 2016 subscription series for the Sydney Theatre Company I assumed I would be seeing an Australian production of the play I saw in London in September 2014. I was looking forward to comparing 'our' production with the English original and it was only a couple of weeks ago that I realised I would be seeing the same production but with its British touring cast.

Never mind, I would probably have booked it anyway as I enjoyed seeing the play in London. 'King Charles III' imagines what happens when Charles assumes the throne upon the death of the Queen only to immediately enter into serious dispute with his Prime Minister and the Parliament.

Checking back in my blog I see that I gave the play a ★★★★ rating. There may have been some adjustments to the play. I have a recollection of some dialogue from the London production which  seems to have been omitted here. My recollection may be faulty, however.

Essentially it is the same production design from London. The British cast is in fine form and the play still packs a punch. Even though I recalled well and was expecting the crucial moment at the play's climax it still induced a gasp from me the second time around.


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