Sunday, 27 March 2016

Stalking the reef

An early start with a full cruise and visit to the Great Barrier Reef booked.

I got myself to the Marina with plenty of time and meandered around to Bob's Bakery for breakfast. I learnt quickly that Bob's establishment is very popular and it was no surprise to see a substantial queue even early on Easter Sunday (or should that be Easter Day?).

Then returning to the wharf I noticed the sullen youth from housekeeping yesterday studiously attending to his mobile phone in an adjacent park. Thirty minutes later I was even more surprised to find him sitting next to me at the wharf. I was just contemplating whether I was being followed by a stalker or even less likely a handsome youth who likes gay men 40 plus years his senior when he responded to an announcement to board a ferry. Not my ferry.

Thoughts of an Autumn/Spring relationship vanished like a soap bubble in a cyclone.

The day's cruise from which I have just returned was enjoyable and to be recommended for visitors to this part of the world. A two hour trip to the reef, followed by four hours at the reef, then two hours return trip. Whilst at the reef you can indulge in snorkelling and/or scuba diving; no experience necessary. You can view the reef from a submersible as well as from an underwater viewing chamber. You can take helicopter flights over the site as well. It is all very well organised and controlled including training and supervision.

Morning and afternoon tea and lunch are included although the best I can say about that is they provide food. Edible but not the lure of the tour.


  1. Hmmm...your posts makes me want to go up to the reef for a holiday. The last few years I've gone up has been with a bunch of uni students for a marine biology field course so not quite the same.