Thursday, 17 March 2016

Leaving on a jet plane

It's time for travel plans.

First up the weekend after next is Hamilton Island. I've never been there before and maybe I have made a mistake in arranging the trip. It seems to be a place for holidaying families, groups and couples.

Hamilton Island

I am travelling solo with the intention of enjoying a quiet, relaxing Easter long weekend doing absolutely nothing apart from reading and eating and doing very little else. I may regret the destination. Or maybe not.

Then in September a trip in quite different circumstances. I'll be joining five friends visiting Malta, Sicily and Rome. It will be my first visit to both Malta and Sicily and my second visit to Rome more than forty years after my first visit there.


Planning for this trip has been underway in ernest for a month or two and today we got together over lunch at Icebergs Club to confirm various accommodation options canvassed earlier through the internet.

I also paid for my flights this week so am now very much committed financially to this overseas trip.

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