Friday, 4 March 2016

Eye, Eye, Sir

I haven't had any response yet to my letter of complaint to my health insurers about their online booking service, or more accurately non-service.

My eye examination was yesterday. It went well.

There is only the slightest change to my left eye and none to my right eye. The variation from the previous examination, two years ago, is minimal and there is no need for me to get new spectacles.

There is no evidence of macular degeneration. No evidence of cataracts. My eye pressure is 'excellent'.

All is well on the 'eye front'.


  1. So it is just a an old wives' tale after all.

    1. Andrew, you and my friends had the same reaction!

  2. Is it coincidence that two recent posts relate to complaints? I cant remember you writing many posts about complaint letters in the past.