Tuesday, 29 March 2016

An update on the bank

After three wasted weeks waiting for the arrival of a replacement ATM card which was never ordered I was relieved finally to receive a card.

My relief was short-lived. It was chewed up by the ATM at my first attempt to use it. A call to the bank resulted in some words of sympathy but no explanation for this latest annoyance.

Another card was ordered which yet again the bank said I should expect to take 5-7 business days to reach me.  When it arrived I asked a reluctant bank officer to accompany me to the ATM to observe for themselves what might happen. To her disbelief, this second replacement card also was swallowed up by the ATM.

'This shouldn't happen' was her response. Further attempts to get the card working, this time at her desk seemed to have been successful until I took it back to the ATM where yet again it was swallowed up. This time with an explanation receipt. 'Too many PIN attempts. Card is retained' the clever-dick ATM informed me.

The teller remained confident the card would work, just 'not today'. Wait until tomorrow, she advised me.

I was back at the bank the next day and, relief of reliefs, the replacement card finally worked.

Then the following day I received a letter advising me of the PIN for the already activated card. This was a week after an earlier letter advised of the new (but different) PIN. I think the unsynchronised despatch of the two PIN advices for the two replacement cards might have been the problem.


  1. Is your last name Meldrew? How could things go so awfully wrong?