Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Pride

(Darlinghurst Theatre Company)

Just a couple of days after seeing 'Arcadia' which is set across two time periods I saw 'The Pride' which is also set across two time periods.

Staged, I guess, to coincide with Sydney's LGBT Mardi Gras festival, 'The Pride' is set in the England of 1958 and in current days. In 1958, homosexuality is criminal activity and deemed deviant behaviour. Two men struggle to deal with their sexuality. In the current day scenes two men quite comfortable with their sexuality and partners for some months struggle over issues of fidelity. In both eras, deception and self deception feature in their relationships.

Nicely acted in a simple setting.



  1. Victor, I went on the strength of your account. I felt the second half struggled to carry through on the strength of the first half but the first half made it well worth it.