Thursday, 14 January 2016

Point Break

'Point Break' apparently is a remake of sorts of the 1991 film of the same name.

A young probationary FBI agent infiltrates a group behind a sequence of daring international robberies. Those responsible for the robberies seem to be highly athletic and the probationary agent is challenged to identify the culprits.

The plot of 'Point Break' is fairly muddled with its 'mish mash' of eco warrior, Robin Hood, extreme and ultra sports themes all part of the 'stew'. Really the plot is almost an irrelevance as the main purpose of the film seems to be a display of extreme sporting type activities in as many spectacularly visual, hair raising, locations as possible.

The screenplay is diabolical, littered as it is with predictable cliches at every moment.

Two Australian actors, neither of them known to me, feature prominently. I was not surprised to read that the 'hero', Luke Bracey, started his acting career in Australian television soap opera. His acting is rather wooden and it strikes me that he is a suitable heir to a character originated by Keanu Reeves.

Some of the images and effects are spectacular.


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