Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Build it and they will come

The Sydney Light Rail has announced it is adding 90 services a week to its Central Station to Dulwich Hill line. Passenger numbers rose 60% in the last financial year. The line was extended to Dulwich Hill in 2014.

This bodes well for the Randwick and CBD extensions currently under construction.


  1. I recently heard that during the day it is pretty well standing room only as far as the casino. It is good that they are improving the service but a bit of smart thinking earlier would have had them build larger stops to accommodate larger trams. There is also a lack of flexibility because of the single track suburban terminus.

    1. I did the full return trip mid Thursday morning recently and it was standing room only between Central Station and the Fish Markets both ways. Between Fish Markets and Dulwich Hill most seats were taken with people boarding and disembarking at every stop.