Sunday, 27 December 2015

Cambodia Day 14 (morning) - Phnom Penh - Royal Palace

This morning we started our touring by visiting the Royal Palace. A walled oasis of immense wealth and glitter surrounded by the poverty of the general population, it felt unseemly to be impressed by this compound of Temples, Palaces and other facilities. However, it was difficult not to be won over by the magnificence of the display.

Here are some images. I don't recall the titles of the various buildings I captured but they all relate to the Royal Family and its household.

What we saw inside the Palace compound contrasted with the limbless land mines affected individuals begging for money in the surrounding streets.

From the Palace we moved on to other locations to be covered in the next post.


  1. I think every visitor must visit the Palace compound. I note some floodlights so the buildings must look spectacular when lit at night.

    1. Andrew, the Palace is certainly a stand out as a tourist destination in the city.