Monday, 30 November 2015


Daniel Craig is back again as James Bond, the debonair, womanising, rule breaking, MI5 agent 007. In 'Spectre' Bond's villainous opponent is Christoph Waltz whose evilness on screen has already earned himself not one but two Academy Awards.

The template for these Bond films is so well known there is no need to outline the general nature of the plot. It is sufficient to say that the template is adhered to in style in 'Spectre' in quite an entertaining manner even if it is somewhat overlong.

I checked and found the earliest Bond films were about 110 minutes in length. 'Spectre' and other recent Bond films run for about two and a half hours. This extra thirty five minutes or so makes them a little long and I feel that each of them stretches the material a little to fit the length rather than because the extra length is necessary to the plot.


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