Saturday, 24 October 2015


A former prodigal chef (Bradley Cooper) makes a comeback after a period of recovery from substance and alcohol addiction with the objective of achieving a higher Michelin star rating than he held in his youth.

Packed with a talented cast 'Burnt' would appear to have the necessary ingredients for a fine film but it ends up laying a rather messy egg.

On the plus side are slick contemporary images, especially the numerous close ups of food whether raw, cooked or in preparation. What passes for current day fashion in London restaurants and food outlets provides an interest as well.

On the negative side of the menu is the half baked plot and character development which requires characters, superficially speaking to each other, to deliver narration to explain plot context. The characters are mostly cardboard cutouts.  Matthew Rhys is reduced to a melodramatic moustachioed villain; the only thing missing from his performance is an exaggerated twirl of his moustache. I feel for Emma Thompson who evidently offended the costume designer at some stage. Two of her outfits are extraordinary (and not in a positive way).

It is a pity. This looked to be a tempting treat but it only satisfies in parts; mostly visual.


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