Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fun and games at the football

An unusual event at the Anzac Day Roosters v Dragons National Rugby League match yesterday. Play was suspended for thirty minutes when a severe storm hit the ground. It wasn't just the torrential rain which made play difficult enough and flooded parts of the field within minutes but the lightning and heavy hail which forced the players from the field.

The temperature dropped from 25.9º to 14.4º.

Anzac Day commemoration pre-game

The storm hits and the crowd scatters for shelter
Rain in the lights
Players return after the storm interruption
For the record: Full time Roosters 12 Dragons 14.


  1. All such normal looking people, yet they choose to spend their time in severe climatic conditions watching such an odd game.

  2. That's how we view the tens of thousands who watch your football in Melbourne, Andrew