Saturday, 31 January 2015

Take a position

I'm a very placid person. Friends have complained about it. 'For heavens sake, express an opinion', Cs has railed at me several times when he has foamed at the mouth at some imagined outrage which has left me quite unmoved and disinterested.

Someone, one or both of my parents perhaps, has imbued me with a 'live and let live' attitude to life and events. Occasionally I get hot under the collar about some matter but it doesn't happen very often.

In a similar vein my mind is often a blank. Nada. Nothing happening. I'll be seated somewhere, silent and not contributing to the conversation and someone will make that cliched observation, 'a penny for your thoughts', when in reality I am thinking nothing at all.


  1. I fear we are rather alike. 'Your are deep', people tell me. No, I am not really thinking about anything, and as for expressing an opinion, I leave that at times to my blog, not in my personal life. I have thoughts, but I have leant that the world is very grey.

  2. Possibly learnt is the word I meant instead of leant, but who knows.