Friday, 19 December 2014

When you call on me

Our body corporate has just had a new intercom system installed for our building. It is the third intercom system I have experienced living in this building for the past twenty four years.

I can't recall what was wrong with the system that existed when I first moved in but the second system was quite unstable often failing to ring through to the apartment. It was not unusual for a visitor to telephone me from the front door after failing to gain a response from buzzing my apartment when I was at home but the intercom call had not activated in my apartment.

Previous intercom panel

Previous intercom handset
Hopefully the new system will be more stable.

New intercom panel

I don't understand though why the intercom handset we have been given contains five buttons; four of which do not activate or respond to anything.

New intercom handset


  1. I wish we could get a new system, although ours does work well enough. It has an old style black and white tv screen to see who is at the building's front door. It also has multiple buttons but only one does anything, that is opens the front door.

    1. I would rather have the screen to view who was buzzing than the four redundant buttons.