Monday, 29 December 2014

Lets go shopping

It's a funny thing but every time Mt and Ll visit Sydney they come with a shopping list of things to purchase; things they believe they cannot obtain in their home cities. A visit to shopping centres always is the first item to be ticked off the list before other activities - cultural and otherwise - that are the primary purpose of their stay.

A certain giant shopping mall in Bondi Junction - let's call it WBJ - was the focus of activity on our first full day together. Fd and I quickly adjourned to a coffee shop so that Ll and Mt could track down as much from their shopping lists as possible. Inevitably - it always happens - they didn't achieve all their desired purchases but they succeeded with enough purchases to be content with their day. In the meantime Fd and I were spared the agony of hours of trailing after them from shop to shop.

Tonight we had dinner at The Prophet restaurant. It is a bit of a Sydney institution as a Lebanese restaurant that has been around for years. My visitors had never eaten there and they rarely eat middle eastern food. None of us is expert but we enjoyed the dishes we ordered.

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