Sunday, 9 November 2014

Miracle City

(Hayes Theatre)

'Miracle City' is a spoof on those US evangelism programs that populate free to air television in Australia just before dawn many days but especially Sundays in which a beaming and impossibly happy family take it in turns to reveal the 'true light' and tout for money to finance some grand scene or other in the name of the Lord. Behind the scenes the family members battle with their own demons and dark secrets.

This is a brisk production at the Hayes Theatre which adds to the impressive reputation the fledgling boutique home for musical theatre is gathering. It is an energetic piece of entertainment, with some terrific gospel style singing but the ending is a little weak.

The play is a revival; the original staging was in 1996.


  1. Love Mike McLeish - he was amazing as Keating. Going to Hayes in a few weeks time to see the equally amazing (and cute) Mitchel Butel.

    1. We are hoping to catch Butel's show too.