Saturday, 15 November 2014

Lincoln Place

For the twenty-four years that I have lived in my apartment building two adjacent parcels of land have remained undeveloped. With a maintained covering of grass, some attractive perimeter trees and no fencing the two land parcels have provided a discreet park for the local community. Occasionally neighbouring children have kicked a football around or played impromptu games of cricket in the informal park.

Then last year Woollahra Council notified that a development was planned for the joint properties. Six full floor apartments will be constructed across two buildings. This week a chain fence appeared around the land parcels and then on Thursday a bulldozer started to rip up the lovely grass topping and what lay beneath it. At some point the trees were also removed but unobservant me didn't notice their absence until yesterday.

Here is a photo of the state of construction, or rather at this stage the state of destruction, as glimpsed from my dining room.

The development is named, rather grandly, One Lincoln Place after the tiny Cul-de-sac that will be its address. One parcel of land is visible in my photograph and the second is immediately to its right but obscured by the eastern wing of my building.

There is a compatibly grand website to promote the project. You might find it interesting if only for its tempting photographs of the community in which I live.

If I have sufficient discipline and memory to follow up, I intend to post occasional photographs to report progress with the build.


  1. At least at that height they won't block your view. Am I being too cynical by asking at what time of the day it might be when it takes five minutes to drive to the cbd?

    1. Certainly not in the morning peak, Andrew, when occasionally it has taken me about twenty minutes just to negotiate the two blocks through the traffic lights at Trelawney Street.

      I suppose at 3am and using the Cross City Tunnel you might drive to the CBD in under 8 minutes.

  2. Ahh...the joys of living next to a construction site. Welcome to the world I've been living in for the past 9 years. The occasional glimpse of a good looking construction worker is one of the very few perks though.

    1. Dust and noise and the occasional perve!