Thursday, 2 October 2014

Do you hear the people sing....

Tomorrow I will take an overnight flight home to Sydney. I don't expect to post again until I have returned so in place of a post for tomorrow here is a second one for today.

Late this afternoon I took the MTR back across to HK Island and got off at the Admiralty Station which is adjacent to where protestors have occupied streets for the past week and I mingled amongst the crowds.


  1. I thought they would all go home once their phone batteries went flat. How are they charging them?

    1. Well interesting you should ask that, Andrew! A leaflet they were handing out listed a host of items they needed as donations and phone chargers were included. Also I have noticed on this trip an increasing availability of complimentary public phone charging sites. You don't even need to produce your cable connection; the most common ones are provided at the sites.

  2. wow, your journey was nice and interesting.