Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Media standards

I'm interrupting our travels to mention the current top news item here in the USA, the shocking attack in an elevator by a footballer upon his then fiancee, now wife.

Every US channel report we saw last night showed the sickening video in its entirety multiple times. This morning the BBC World Service by contrast is illustrating the same news item by selective still shots from the video.

Domestic violence is an abhorrent practice. I wonder which is the better approach to publicly reporting such events? The 'in your face' coverage by the US channels which seems salacious or the BBC's discreet style which may have the effect of understating the seriousness?


  1. We saw it here. It was odd, because what we saw in the lift did not seem too serious, but then the woman was slumped on the floor as her about to be husband dragged her out. I expect we got the BBC version.

    1. In the US we saw him knock her down with a full blooded punch and her head hits the railing in the lift as she fell to the floor. It was shocking.