Sunday, 28 September 2014

God save the King

No photos today.

I ventured out without my camera. Our main activity was to see a new play, highly regarded, entitled 'King Charles III' which is an account of what might happen when Charles, Prince of Wales ascends the throne on the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth. It is mostly a drama but there is a fair amount of irony and political humour. The play is beautifully written and acted by an ensemble who in part resemble their characters and/or resemble their body language. If the play proves to be prescient then I suggest beware William and Cate who in this instance are far from empty headed celebrities. Well worth a viewing.

Earlier in the day we spent some time at St Martin in the Fields which has a very atmospheric subterranean cafe and made a second visit to the National Gallery.

Trafalgar Square was in a spectacularly different mode from only two days ago with a Japanese sponsored food day and entertainment display.

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