Monday, 22 September 2014

Gallery, Mews & Palace

Today was a 'Royal Day Out' tickets to visit the The Queen's Gallery (Queen Anne), the Royal Mews and a tour of Buckingham Palace. Even as a Republican I couldn't fail to be overwhelmed by the displays. Just a taste follows.

The Queen's Gallery;

Then the Royal Mews;

The Glass Coach

The Scottish State Coach
The first Rolls ordered by the then Princess Elizabeth

The Coronation Gold Coach

The Diamond Jubilee State Coach made in Australia

and, yes, there were two horses on show in the mews. Two of them to be precise doing nothing but ignoring the crowds as they nibbled at their hay.

Unfortunately security on the Palace tour is strict and photographs are not only prohibited during the tour but I was not permitted to carry my camera over my shoulder.

Photos however were allowed in the gardens at tour's end. Here are a couple.

My passionfruit tart from the cafe

The Garden Cafe at the back of the Palace

The back of the Palace

A small section of the Palace gardens


  1. Good to see you haven't had to alter your diet while in England.

    1. Andrew, they even had my favourite tipple (Pepsi Max) in the cafe! Who said she isn't 'our' Queen?