Friday, 1 August 2014

Mobile phone set up

You know those movies where the villain changes mobile (cell) phones daily to avoid detection?

They never look like this....

Chris Evans in 'Cellular'

Well they never look like Chris Evans because he doesn't play villains but those who do it in movies - change phones daily, I mean - do it so easily.

I can understand that they can destroy a SIM card and the phone itself relatively easily; not that I have tried to do it myself but I assume a strong and angry person has that degree of strength.

But how do they get the new one working so quickly? What about the set up? And the connection to the Cloud? OK, I can see the Cloud would be out for villains but really it does take a little while to get a new phone connected and working. But they never show that in the movies.

I just purchased a second mobile phone to use for my trip overseas shortly. I know it is an expensive thing to do but I have decided on a second phone with an overseas purchased SIM card as my preference to playing around with my now number 1 phone whilst I am travelling. I've set the phone up myself and whilst that is a pretty easy process it does take a bit of time.

Of course I'm not setting up a phone clandestinely nor am I using the cheapest disposable handsets around. I suppose that's the point. I'm not a villain. Well not in the criminal sense anyway.


  1. As you say, expensive but I think it will make things much easier, and you won't muck up settings on your normal phone. Are you going to use it as a modem?

    1. I am looking forward to seeing how well that works Andrew.