Monday, 18 August 2014

Bridge trumped by weather

Bridge didn't happen this evening. Well, actually it did, but with reduced numbers which did not include us.

We started off for bridge as usual with me driving up the road to collect Ce and then driving back around past my place heading for the club. But it was a very stormy night and New South Head Road was in traffic gridlock.

It took forty minutes to progress a couple of hundred metres and we assumed there was an accident or some similar incident ahead.

Finally we reached the Ocean Street crossroad (that is, after forty minutes - a journey that usually takes less than ten minutes) where police refused us further progress diverting us from our intended route right back to my front door.

I'd had enough. I drove Ce home and returned to my home and put my feet up for the evening watching television in the comfort of home. I learned later that fallen electrical wires just a block from my home was the incident that stopped traffic.


  1. In hindsight it's a pity you didn't just casually let slip that you had a cough that morning. You could have saved some time. (Or have you found a new partner?)

    1. Same partner, marcellous. If only I was that prescient!