Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yves Saint Laurent

This French biopic is apparently authorised by the long time partner of 'Yves Saint Laurent' and presumably bears some resemblance to the truth whilst I guess trying to show the subject in the best possible light.

The costumes, apparently the real thing on loan from the designer's archives, the musical soundtrack and the settings in France and Morocco are all impressive and the performances, especially the leads, are good. YSL himself is not all that likeable. He is shown to have a short fuse and to be consumed by his work, drugs, alcohol and sex. If he had other interests then this film does not touch on them to any extent.

The film covers Saint Laurent's life from the 1950s to his death and whilst I found the film visually (and musically) satisfying I came away with the feeling that I hadn't learnt much new about him.

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  1. Victor, thanks for sharing it is interesting to watch it.