Thursday, 24 July 2014

Trying to slip it on

No, this is not a safe sex message.

At the risk of boring you with 'old men's' issues can I complain how difficult it is to find men's slippers? I've just spent a couple of hours trawling department stores and the range of men's slippers they have on sale is, quite frankly, pitiful.

Half a dozen supposedly different styles but mostly variations of the one theme and even when I found a pair that vaguely attracted my interest they had no pairs available remotely near my size. And just in case you are wondering I do not have a pair of King Kong size feet.

I might have been attracted to these slippers, if the wearer came with them...

Chace Crawford wearing Etro dress slipper

...but no, they don't look at all the snugly warm pair I am looking to wear these cold winter evenings.

I'm not keen on them but perhaps I will have to resort to purchasing the dreaded...

Ben Affleck wearing Ugg boots


  1. Grosbys, they're great mate. Etro dress slipper? I call them kung fu slippers and I used to wear them. Quite comfortable for home use.

    You could just stop being cheap and turn your heating up.

  2. Uggs are fine...just don't wear them outside. No one will ever know.