Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Lunchbox

I've seen documentaries on the Dabbawalas, the daily system in India of delivering lunch containers from residences to office workers and returning them following use and I have marvelled how well this seemingly antiquated arrangement works in a high tech 21st century world. It seems a peculiarly and charmingly Indian procedure.

'The Lunchbox' uses the Dabbawala arrangement to tell the story of two sad people. One is a young married mother who is neglected by her husband and the other is a widowed and lonely man, an office worker approaching retirement and fearful of the emptiness he faces.

The two become connected when the lunchbox prepared by the mother is incorrectly delivered to the office worker.

This is a slow film and not one for lovers of high action but it is a film with its own low key charm.

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  1. I saw in on the plane on my way over to the US. I really enjoyed it. Nice story.