Friday, 4 July 2014

Ruthless! The Musical

(The Theatre Division)

We saw Ruthless! The Musical last night at the Seymour Centre and the Wikipedia site for the high camp musical tells you all you might want to know about the work.

This production, which was due to end tomorrow but has been extended a week to July 12, is hilarious from start to finish and a delightful spoof for followers of Broadway style musicals and Hollywood classic movies of the 1950s.

It sends its own genre up mercilessly to the extent that this is a musical whose big musical production moment is a song called 'I Hate Musicals'.

The all female cast of five and the partially visible band performed brilliantly tonight. The key role of eight year old Tina Denmark is performed alternately by two youngsters in Sydney and tonight we saw Jade Gillis. Check out the link and you'll get an idea of how bright these young girls are. The adult performers are worth seeing too.

If you enjoy a couple of hours of camp musical fun, go see it.

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