Sunday, 20 July 2014

Jersey Boys

'Jersey Boys' is the film adaptation of the internationally successful stage musical of the same name about the musical group the Four Seasons and its lead singer Frankie Valli.

In recent decades film versions of stage musicals have mostly failed to match the impact and success of the stage originals; 'Chicago' being a singular and outstanding exception. Although it has its moments 'Jersey Boys' does not buck that trend.

The stage show was an exhilaration; almost a concert with bite sized digestible bits of plot inserted between and within a seemingly endless and continuous stream of toe tapping hit tunes. And it was fast paced.

For the movie, Director Clint Eastwood has chosen to give greater prominence to the drama and to pull back on the music, especially for the first 30-40 minutes. This makes for a laboured start that drags and I became impatient for the hit tunes to arrive. When at long last the first of those tunes, 'Sherry' is sung and is immediately followed by two more hits, the film finally takes flight.

The second hour is clearly more entertaining than the first so at least the film concludes on a high note. Just a pity about that start.

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