Friday, 11 July 2014

Flying home

I flew home yesterday after my overnight visit to Brisbane. The flight descent was a little bumpy with strong winds over Sydney.

Generally flights into and out of Sydney Airport use one of the two north/south runways. There is one east/west runway which is used far less either to provide a relief for those suburbs over whose roofs the majority of flights pass or when there are strong westerly winds. The latter was the case for our flight. This meant an unusual approach to the airport and some interesting photo opportunities, albeit through the aircraft's dirty double windows, the bumpy descent and at times into the glare of midday sun.

Sydney's western suburbs; the Olympic Stadium is dead centre
We were approaching the airport from the north and then the plane turned sharply to the east.

Sydney Airport and Botany Bay
Travelling east we flew over the harbour, over the coastline and over the Tasman Sea. In the process we flew above Sydney's eastern suburbs where I live. My apartment building is in this photo; just above and to the left of centre.

Double Bay (left), Rushcutters Bay (right)
As we now approached the airport from the east I looked out to the north at Sydney's Pittwater Peninsula and at the Tasman Sea through the glare of the sun.

Continuing our descent flying past Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach and Sydney's eastern suburbs
Lower still, flying past Randwick Racecourse.

Randwick Racecourse


  1. There are some terrific photos of iconic Sydney areas.

    1. Thanks Andrew, the best I could manage in a bumpy plane and through dirty windows.

  2. Victor, your flight wasn't nice but the photos fantastic..The third one is wonderful.

  3. I get really excited coming into Sydney when the plane does the approach where we get a nice shot of the harbour bridge. So iconic.

    1. AdRad, an air approach to Sydney that takes you in sight of the harbour must rank in the top echelons of picturesque cities of the world.