Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Trip To Italy

'The Trip To Italy' is a follow up from 'The Trip' in which British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon toured the Lakes District of England to taste the food of a number of fine restaurants on behalf of The Observer. This sequel, as the name indicates, is a similar journey through Italy although for some reason whereas it was Coogan writing the article for The Observer in the original film this time around Brydon has the task.

The journey opens in Liguria and concludes at the Isle of Capri. The pair spend most of their time together wisecracking their way through impersonations of famous film stars, entertainers and moments from screen history and for those who recognise the many references these scenes are a delight. The pair are quite brilliant in these presumably unscripted moments.

The scripted sections of the film on the other hand are a little darker and leave the film with a wistful, somewhat incomplete conclusion.

My recollections are that The Trip focussed more closely on the food but this time around the food takes a tempting but noticeable back seat. The glimpses of Italy are scenic but by no means always postcard perfect.

The Trip To Italy is very entertaining through its numerous courses even if it lacks a satisfying dessert.

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